5th February 2010

Bareface Media in The Drum magazine

A feature talking about the future of the creative industry in the Midlands sees our very own Simon Morris quoted and showcases our artwork for The Music King and Ecotricity.

Bareface Media is very proud to be a Midlands based creative agency and we were are excited that The Drum has taken the opportunity to showcase why this region is a dynamic place for creativity right now, our very own Simon Morris is quoted saying, "The Midlands creative sector is definitely primed for an explosion, traditionally it has been overlooked by companies because they either had the choice of using a London agency, if they were based south of the Midlands or a Manchester agency north of it; this meant that the Midlands was overlooked and often dismissed as a centre of creativity and innovation. says Simon Morris of Bareface Media. The dramatic change to the face of places like Birmingham has seen the Midlands shrug off its traditional manufacturing and metal bashing image; this can only enhance the creative sectors opportunities going forward. He continues: The Midlands is a very exciting place to be right now, because unlike any other area of the country, it is the closest you will get to the American dream. It is an area that has always been forward thinking, after all we did start the modern world; yet we have not had it easy the last 30 years. What we do have on our side is that the region has a real energy and drive that you can really feel; this will definitely help drive it forward."

It is exciting to be at the heart of a region that is working hard to change public opinion of itself and be in an industry that is constantly delivering new opportunities.

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Published in Birmingham, Journal, London