3rd December 2018

Forbes Magazine

Our MD Simon Morris was interviewed by Forbes to see why he thought U.S. brands flourish in Europe?

Here is an extract of what he had to say:

Politics Rarely Blemish Brands

Political leanings in the brand’s nation of origin are largely irrelevant when it comes to shaping perceptions. What does prove relevant is the behaviour of the brand itself.

“There is definitely, at the moment, detachment between U.S. politics and U.S. brand sentiment, in the eye of the European and U.K. consumer,” says Simon Morris, managing director of Bareface, a British marketing agency located in London and Birmingham.

“With their own domestic political uncertainty, and following several high-profile scandals, such as the automotive industry emissions cheating, the consumer is more focused on the trust they place in a brand and more importantly the value its products or services provide them.”

“It is fundamental that in order for U.S. brands to be successful in Europe they learn to adapt to local cultural values and traditions,” says Morris. “Disney discovered this when they launched Euro Disney, a lesson that they quickly applied and now it is one of the top destinations.”

Being asked to give an opinion to Forbes is recognition of the role we have played as an agency supporting brands establish their presence in UK and European markets.

The full article can be read here...

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