5th March 2012

How touch is revolutionising brand communication

Touchable design and tablet computing such as the iPad are revolutionising the opportunities open to deliver brand communications. These new platforms demand new ways of thinking and a radical shift in the understanding of how customers interact with their devices.

The landscape of touch devices is evolving rapidly and with so many models available it is essential that you design not for a certain device but to develop an experience that is consistent arose all devices. Designing for the tablet devices enables us to deliver an experience that is both engaging but also deeper than that of any print media.

Essentially the format of a tablet device is very similar to a print media experience, we hold it in a similar way and many of the gestures are replicated. The major difference is that using a digital canvas we can create magic that you can't on paper. Using touch, sound, spinning objects, motion and video all in one intimate environment.

With so many possibilities we must consider carefully scale, placement and user interface design, how the navigation works and how to link the sound, image and motion. Liked to this we must consider the size of the file s and how we deliver them to the device. With all this considered the tablet environment provides a fantastic ability to deliver to consistent brand communication as opposed to the web. We don't have to worry about browser size, screen resolution, connection speeds and font libraries. The real beauty is that we can wrap the audience up in our brand experience, keep them engaged and measure their response in a more intimate way than the web can ever afford us.

As tablets become even more smarter we can start to link into new advantages of location, speed, time, browsing habits and direction to further enhance interaction between your brand and their emotions. These really are exciting times for communication and we are only just scratching the surface. We can't wait to see what the next few years brings.

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