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  • Brand Development
  • Video Content
  • Art Direction
  • Social Advertising
  • Website Design
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Tasked with a challenging brief and a limited budget we crafted a campaign that would carefully utilise the opportunity of social media to drive what is essentially a B2B message. Using humour and well­ known individuals within the industry, we were able to keep the production costs low and create a highly polished commercial.

The campaign relied heavily on the central concept and deployed a phased approach to drive awareness, capture and qualify audience, and finally drive engagement. The visual assets we created for Middleton’s will have a life span much longer than the campaign itself and provides further opportunities to keep alive a clever and original concept not seen in this industry before.



We were approached to create a brand awareness campaign that represented heritage, expertise and service, as well as include the personalities of the Middleton team that are well known in the industry. The campaign needed to be playful and have assets that could be used in multiple ways across many media channels, providing long-tail opportunities for the company.

Although primarily a B2B business, their end customers are B2C focused. Middleton’s tasked us with creating an advertising campaign that would drive engagement with their audience and create content that would be appealing to both their customers who own chip shops, and the final consumer. We focused our efforts around a social media campaign, as this was shown to be the best channel to adopt with a limited ad spend and provided the largest potential reach.

The creative outcome was a playful use of a pastiche of Tarantino’s Reservoir Dogs. This homage enabled us to profile the strong characters that make up the Middleton’s sales team. The campaign focuses around a video production outlining the narrative of The Batter Boys who, although styled to look like mobsters, are in fact knowledgeable, helpful and friendly. We deliberately injected moments of humour and contrast and were very keen to keep the run time down to less than 2 minutes, so as to maximise engagement and to create a narrative that was engaging and communicates Middleton’s focus on service.

The campaign had a responsive microsite at its heart found at The aim of this was to introduce the characters, showcase Middleton Food's products, and communicate the wider initiatives that the company supports in the industry. Being responsive was very important, as we knew from previous research that the industry audience we were targeting interacted predominantly through mobile. This research was proved correct with desktop accounting for 43% of traffic, while mobile and tablet account for 57%. The campaign was set to run for a month from early July to early August and was timed to coincide with the launch of the new Middleton Food Products website.



By the time the final full video went live, the engaged audience had grown three times from the initial seed data provided to us. The campaign also had the spin-off benefit that the team at Middleton’s embraced the PR opportunities this provided, and went in character to customers' shops and were photographed and profiled online on the their social channels. 

They also had business cards made up and used these at various trade shows, appearing on stand at the exhibitions in character. Alongside the campaign, Middleton Food Products have run a digital billboard promoting the campaign on the M6 motorway at Junction 9.


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"Bareface Media picked up exactly our brief and created a campaign that we are extremely proud of. We had real fun making the video and I have received industry wide praise and positive feedback so far. 

The campaign has resulted in showcasing the service we provide at Middleton Food Products and we have found our customers have really got behind the campaign. We are excited about the next stage at the National Fish & Chip Shop Awards in a few months where we can build on the stage the video and social media has set."

Ryan Baker - Sales Manager @ Middleton Food Products


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